Per-Primary (Nursery, LKG, UKG)
1. Admission of a child in pre-primary classes is made according to the age and merit of the child. 2. The age limit as on 1st April: Nursery 3years +, LKG 4years + & UKG 5years + 3. Qualifying in an oral test as well as in interview is a prerequisite for gainiting admission to Nursery. 4. Writtentest starts from class LKG in which only alphabets and digits 1 to 10 will be taken. 5. In UKG, the candidates have to appear for the written test in English, Hindi & Matheematics.
Primary (I-V)

The minimum age limit for class-I (the first stage of primary) is 6. It goes on in the same way for other classes. There will admission test and interview for the candidate seeking admission in prmary classes.

Admission test will be taken in English, Hindi and Mathematics. A child who qualifies in the written test and interview but fails to fulfill the required age limit will not be given admission to the class which be/she desires.

Junior (VI-VIII)

Admission to junior classes will be permitted only after qualifying in a written test and in subsequent interview. Written test will be taken in curricular subjects like English, Mathematics, Science & G.K.