Parents are expected to co-operate with tho school authorities by ensuring that the children observe punctuality and discipline near & clean school uniform, prepare their lessons and take active part in the activities of the school. Parents should check the School Diary and sign the reports recorded by the teachers and home-work given. Parents/Guardians are requested to keep themselves in touch with the school to have a clean knowledge of their word’s progress in studies. In case on any particular school day, parents need short leave for their wards for consulting Physicians etc., they should not send their wards to school on that day. The guardians are advised to provide correct telephone no so that they may be contacted by the school as and when needed. Parents are not allowed to meet the teachers in the classroom or In the staffroom. Those who wish to seek information, suggestion or make complaint about their children’s education or other matters may meet the Principal. The students shall carry their Lunch Boxes at the time of coming to the school. Lunch box shall not be accepted by the office for passing on the same to the particular student in any circumstances. School authorities will be responsible for the students only during school hours. If the parents wish that their child shall be handed over to a particular person, then please submit three passport size photographs of the person to whom the ward is to be handed over duly attested by the parents along with an application for the purpose.