About Founder


Mrs. Mamta Singh


Hard Work is key of success.

My dearstudent, a golden future is ahead of you therefore, you have to prepare yourself to participate actively in the world you live in and to have a say in the world. Develop yourself into intelligent, diligent,well informed and responsible men and women. You should listen to your teacher attentively and note down after every period, the work assigned to you by your teacher. Fix your hours of study at home, do your home assignments first, carefully revise the day’s lessons and prepare yourself for the next day’s lesson, This habit pays you in the long run.

Try to excel in whatever you do, remembering that there is always a scop for improvement. Make the best use of facilities that your school, your home and your country provide to you.

In calcite punctuality in yourself to lead a planned life and form the habit of doing things regularly. Do not leave any work for tomorrow.